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Bob Mugele has had a varied working career, working as a butcher, computer programmer, missionary/Bible translator, field linguist, professor of linguistics, and computational linguist

Bob Mugele was the senior computational linguist at Oracle Corporation working with the ConText Group developing the linguistic engine for the Global Context project. Bob Mugele became known as "Jungle Bob" to his associates at Oracle.

Oracle ConText is a text management product that employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze unrestricted English text, and provides the ability to do theme searches in addition to keyword searches. Bob played a key role in the design of Global ConText which was intended to offer the same functionality for a number of other major languages. However, Global ConText never received adequate support from management and was never developed.  Jungle Bob was first associated with the ConText technology beginning in 1990 when it was being developed by Artificial Linguistics, Inc. (ALI). He moved to Oracle when the technology was acquired from ALI.

Bob received a Bachelor's degree in German from the University of California (Berkeley). After completing his undergraduate degree, Bob worked for 10 years in the field of systems software development, including two years of operating system development at Control Data Corp.

In 1971 Bob and his family moved to a remote Indian village in the municipality of Lalana, Oaxaca, Mexico. In this jungle village, Bob and his family learned the Lalana Chinantec language, provided for the medical and dental needs of the Chinantec people, trained indigenous medical workers, introduced a vernacular literacy program to the Chinantec people, trained indigenous literacy teachers, produced linguistic studies of Lalana Chinantec, produced a translation of the Lalana Chinantec New Testament, and produced several editions of a hymnal in the Lalana Chinantec language. All of this work was performed under the auspices of the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Bob received a Ph.D. in linguistics fron the University of Texas (Austin). His dissertation research was an in depth acoustic phonetic study of Lalana Chinantec prosodic phenomena, especially the tone system and ballistic syllables. For this work Bob received the A.A. Hill award given annually for the outstanding dissertation in linguistics.

Between 1983 and 1990 Bob Mugele served on the linguistics faculty of the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Texas at Arlington. At the University of Texas at Arlington he was awarded a grant to create a linguistic research laboratory and an acoustic phonetics laboratory. He taught graduate level courses in phonetics and phonology, directed the research of numerous graduate students and served as director of the linguistics and phonetics laboratories.

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décima edición. Mexico, D.F.: Kyrios

Mugele, Robert, ed. (1994) Júu2 |miin32|e3 ca23ngín2 Dios (Lalana Chinantec
New Testament), segunda edición. Mexico, D.F.: La Liga Biblica.

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Studies in African Linguistics 22:103-133.

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Syllables". Texas Linguistic Forum 23:1-43.

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Mugele, Robert (1978) "The Pedagogical Implications of Undersymbolization
in Orthography." Notes on Literacy 24:22-24.

Mugele, Robert (1977) "Lalana Chinantec y-, Why?"
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Prereading Program." Notes on Literacy 19:7-13.

Mugele, Robert (1974) "Teaching Tone: An Indigenous Method."
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Word Level Syllable Templates and the Tonkawa Verb
Annual meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest,
San Antonio, October 1989

The Representation of Contour Tones
Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest,
Albuquerque, October 1988

The Phonological Representation of Contour Tones: Evidence for Contour Features
Linguistic Forum Series, University of Texas at Arlington, April 1985

The Ballistic Syllable Phenomenon
Linguistics Colloquium, University of Washington, July 1983

Indigenous Reading Teacher Training
Linguistic Forum Series, University of Oklahoma, August 1977

Are There Black Holes in Linguistics?
Linguistic Forum Series, University of Oklahoma, July 1975

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Jungle Bob is an avid motorcyclist. Check out my motorcycling page.

Jungle Bob is an enthusiastic birder. Check out my birding page.

Jungle Bob likes to play basketball. It's a socially acceptable way to vent your aggressions.

Jungle Bob likes to ride bicycles. He still rides regularly. He had an undistinguished career in amateur road racing in the 1950's and 1960's..


Jungle Bob will play cribbage anytime, anywhere.
Check out my cribbage page.

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Jungle Bob has been married to Jan Jauchen Mugele for 42 wonderful years.
Jan is the Director of Counseling at Exchanged Life Ministries in Dallas, Texas.



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Bob Mugele, Ph.D.
Address: 602 Madison Ct,
                Duncanville, TX 75137
Phone:     972-780-8844
E-mail:    JungleBob at teuton dot org
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